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What Is A VIN

Learn What VIN Numbers are and How to Find Your's

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What’s a VIN?

A Vehicle Identification Number, commonly abbreviated as VIN, is a unique 17 digit serial number containing both letters and numbers (for example, 5UXFA13544LU21045) which is used to identify vehicles such as cars, motorcycle and trucks. Every vehicle sold must have a unique, unchanging VIN, making it traceable and identifiable. Thanks to these properties, it is commonly used to run vehicle history checks which detail past accidents, insurance claims, car specifications and more valuable information


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How do I find a vehicle’s VIN?

A VIN may be found in several places on the vehicle and its documentation. Typically, the VIN is found on either the registration documents or the insurance policy.
On the vehicle itself, it is commonly found on the driver side of the interior dashboard, near the base of the windshield, on the front of the engine block, or the driver’s side door post.
If you’re having trouble finding your vehicle’s VIN, check the manufacturer’s website for detailed instructions.

What does a VIN report include?

VIN Report Pro is a cutting edge service to run VIN check & get vehicle history reports instantly. Whether you want to validate a vehicle’s information, learn about its history, or fill in the blanks, our vast access to vehicle records and lightning speed search technology will help you get the job done. Our affordable service utilizes a comprehensive digitized vehicle record database (NMVTIS) 


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